Back in the Day

Dates: 06/14/2010 - 06/18/2010 Times: 09:00 Location: Learning Ladder

Our grandparents lived in simpler times. But, did they? Come be our guest as we go back into time. We will see how they make bread at Mrs. Baird’s and even try our hand of homemade bread all on our own. Then we will bus to the Log Cabin Village to weave on a loom, grind corn and wash clothes a washboard. When the school bell rings we will race to the one room school house to do 1800 style lessons and cipher on slates. Next stop on our Back in the Day is finding a shady spot at the Botanical Gardens for our private classroom program with field investigation. We will learn about vegetables in the garden and even plant our own seed for our garden at home. So see you Back in the Day.